Crying dog tied up and left outside Asda in pouring rain for over two hours

A crying dog was abandoned outside Asda in the pouring rain for over two hours, it has emerged.

Christine Jones went to Asda in Woodchurch, Wirral, in Merseyside, at around 3pm on Monday when she spotted a dog tied up in the rain outside the store.

She said the dog was in a clear state of “distress” and was barking continuously so she went over to stroke it and reassured it that their owner wouldn’t be long.

While shopping Christine said she continued to hear the dog’s ‘anxious’ barks echoing through the store which started to concern her, reports the Liverpool Echo.

She told said : “When I was shopping I could still hear it while I was in the store – still barking and barking.

“I kept looking at my phone while I was walking around to keep an eye on the time and how long it had been out there.

“At this point it was half past three, so after I paid I was going to go over and speak to customer services and ask them to put out an announcement for the owner as this dog was clearly getting more stressed.”

Christine, who worked in a veterinary practice for 12 years before opening her own arts and crafts shop in Moreton, said when she approached the customer service desk there were already two other women voicing their concerns about the dog outside to an Asda colleague.

Due to a store policy, Christine and another woman were told an announcement was not able to be made so they returned to the dog outside and discovered three more people had come to the dog’s rescue.

Two schoolgirls were among those trying to help and had moved the dog out of the rain and got her under shelter.

Christine, 59, said: “The two young girls were great the entire time.

“They were both just offering to do all kinds. ‘Can we do this? Can we do that?’, they were brilliant.

“They stayed with the dog the whole time and just offered to do everything they could.

“The youth of today get such a bad rap but they’re not all bad at all.”

Christine said she and another woman, who took the dog home, had contacted Birkenhead Kennels.

After the incident Christine took to Facebook to thank the girls who stayed to help and offer them a voucher for their help.

She wrote: “Can I just day the two school girls from Woodchurch High were brilliant in helping with this situation and if they pop to Pigmentum in Moreton there is a voucher waiting for them there from me as a thank you for their help.”

The post has been shared over 500 times and people flocked to praise the girls and the women involved.

One woman wrote: “Well done to everyone involved for caring, I truly hope the situation is resolved for the dog ASAP.”

A second woman said: “Aaah God love her. She must have been terrified!

“Hours on her own waiting for her owner to return. Thank you to the lady who took her in and to the girls who helped.

“There are are some very kind and compassionate people around.”

While a third commented: “Hopefully a happy ending here. Well done Woodchurch girls. Hopefully it was undercover, It’s been raining all day I dread to think.”

A further two people commented to say they had also seen the dog outside the supermarket around 3pm but assumed the owner must have been inside the store.

Christine said the circumstances of the dog are still unknown and despite putting the information on Facebook, nobody has claimed the abandoned dog.

The Moreton shop owner said: “All I can only say about the dog is it did look really healthy and in good shape. It was really friendly and obedient as one of the girls told it to sit while I took a photo of it to post and it listened straight away.

“Her collar looked nice, her lead looked nice so we can’t jump to any conclusions on what has happened – there could be lots of reasons behind it.”